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Mitt Romney

I’m not a fan of Mitt Romney. He represents all that is wrong with America – greed and lies. He claims Bain Capital was used to create jobs. That’s a lie. Bain Capital was created to make money for his investors. That some jobs were created was by chance. When he ran for Governor he claimed he created 10,000 jobs – that he said that is documented. Today he is claiming he created 100,000 jobs a claim that can’t be substantiated.

But what are his plans to make it easier to create new jobs? Are they any different from George Bush’s? Big business doesn’t see the employee as an asset but rather a liability. They try to get along with the fewest employees and make their employees work the job of two or three people.

Under George Bush and the Republican controlled Congress, America lost over 43,000 manufacturing plants and all the jobs associated with those plants went to foreign countries. The multi-national corporations don’t pledge allegiance to America. They don’t pledge allegiance to any one county. They could care less about America.

The Republicans are willing to break the backs of the middle class to balance the budget, while the give-aways to corporations, especially those making billions in profits, are untouchable.  The reason we are in so much debt isn’t and can’t be attributed to Obama but to Bush and the tax cuts without spending cuts he and the Republicans created. If you believe otherwise, then please leave your thoughts. By the way, Obama has instituted less regulations to date, then Bush.

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