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Did you know that your Congressman and Senators get to use a privilege, for incumbents only, that makes sure you pay for their promotions? It’s called Franking. There’s a great article in today’s News-Press showing how those loud mouthed right wingers who complain about government spending abused the priviledge.

Florida’s Nazi Congressman, Allen West (R) spent $127,050 of your dollars to promote himself from April through December last year. Our Congressman, Connie Mack, who is running for Senator sent out an illegal mailing to EVERY registered voter in the State of Florida. Oops,Connie said, “It was a mistake.” Yeah, OK.

Read the article so you will be informed about how phony those GOP freshman are as they spent over $25.6 million in just 9 months.|mostpopular|text|FRONTPAGE


Hello World

I’ve decided to start my blog in order to discuss a variety of topics from the taboo of politics and religion to the metaphysical. I am a Facebook drop-out. Why? Because one of Facebook’s co-founders, Eduardo Saverin denounced his U.S. citizenship so he wouldn’t have to pay capital gains tax from what he will make from Facebook. That, and the fact that Zuckenberg and a handful of Facebook employees will pay very little tax due to a tax loophole designed for the wealthy. Here’s the link:

I refuse to support the anti-American freeloaders  at Facebook. That’s why I  will cancel my Facebook account within a few days in order to give me time to post my new blog address.

Everyone is invited to participate. I have an open mind for rational thought. I will not tolerate, however, name calling, profanity toward another person or the irrational Tea party conservative.

Since this is all new to me you’ll have to bear with me until I figure out how this system works.